Elder Care

Many Minnesotans have experienced horrific abuse in assisted-living and memory-care facilities, and our current way of handling these situations is inadequate. The Elder Abuse Consumer Workgroup has identified some common-sense policies to prevent this abuse from happening in the future. We should implement them immediately.

For example, we should require licensure for assisted-living facilities. Minnesota is the only state in the country that doesn’t require that these facilities go through a licensure or oversight process, so we currently have no way of knowing if they can meet the care needs of older Minnesotans.

We also need to expand the rights of vulnerable adults and families. We should ban deceptive marketing practices that target vulnerable adults, and we should establish anti-retaliation laws to protect those who report abuse. We should also allow victims and families to seek justice when abuse has been committed.

Implementing these policies will help ensure that older Minnesotans are treated with dignity and respect.