We have some of the best local schools and the most dedicated teachers in the state. However, our schools succeed even though our legislators have consistently failed them. Despite what our current representatives claim, they treat teachers like enemies and schools like factories. I am an educator. I know our teachers, and I know our schools. They deserve better.

Our schools shape our future. Schools teach us new skills, but they also help us meet new challenges, and they encourage us to engage with people who don’t look like us. Our children are entering a world unlike the one we grew up in, where they will meet a wider variety of people and more frequently change jobs. We need an education that can teach our young people to become versatile citizens.

The legislature funds our schools like we’re a small town, and we aren’t anymore.  I will work to fund our schools appropriately and honestly so that our children get the attention they deserve. We need smaller class sizes. We need additional support staff so that our young people receive the guidance that they need. And I will work to energize how we teach citizenship in our public schools by creating a Congress in the School program and helping our kids become better communicators.  We need better schools for a healthier community and a better democracy.