Constituent Services

Elected officials should be public servants. They need to be reliable and accessible to all their constituents. But public service isn’t passive; it is active. An elected official should be a leader, should reach out to the community, and have a vision and the skill and will to communicate it.

I believe a healthy democracy manages conflict rather than eliminating it. It’s not the job of government or the private sector to solve all our problems. But elected officials must provide leadership and foster connections between elements of a community, stand up for each of us, and make all of us stronger.

When I am elected, I will hold a monthly town hall meeting and write regular columns for our local media. I can’t say you’ll always agree with me. But you’ll always know what I believe, where to find me, and how to get in touch. And you can trust me to always call you back.

We deserve representatives who don’t take us for granted, who work hard to listen to and be heard by all of us.