Why I’m Running Again

Aric Putnam

In 2016, after years of serving our community as an educator and volunteer, I decided to run for the state legislature. I’d never run for office before. It was a risk and not an easy decision. But once I’d committed, I knew it was the right call. I’m from a military family, so service and duty are important parts of who I am, but it wasn’t until I’d run for office that I really saw all that can be good and all that isn’t, the way things are and the way they could be.

We all know and love Central Minnesota. It is our home and home to beautiful contradictions — a fierce independent spirit twinned with an uncommon commitment to be a good neighbor; profound pride and deeper humility; a solid work ethic and a real appreciation for life’s quiet pleasures.

We are special — not a small town, not a big city. But our current representatives seem not to understand this. They have failed to advocate for us. Putting ideology and dependence on party ahead of what is best for our community, they have not been forward thinking, and they have not used government to improve our everyday lives.

I’m excited to announce that I will again stand for election to the Minnesota legislature to represent district 14A, my friends in south and northwest St. Cloud, St. Augusta, and Waite Park.

For me, politics is new work, an opportunity to serve and to fix problems. I don’t live for politics, but I do politics to improve lives. And right now we need our politics to do that. Too many of us work hard and yet live in distress, too many of our young people and teachers struggle in schools that need support, too many of our friends and loved ones lack fair access to good healthcare.

We can’t neglect our responsibilities. We can’t miss our opportunity. We can’t waste our potential.

We can do better.  We will do better, and we will become greater.

And that’s why I’m running.


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4 thoughts on “Why I’m Running Again

  1. Aric: I believe most of the time we gain experience from our first run. It’s like running up and tipping a Bull. The first time, you don’t get it right and you are noticed. The second time, perhaps you will tip a bull over. With great affection, Niklas.

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